About us

The civic association Cultum was founded in 2020 after many years of work by its members for culture and music education not only in Slovakia but also abroad. The main direction of the association is the development of artistic activities focused on music, the development of musical education of children and youth, support and association of experts in the field of culture to improve mutual information and cooperation, development of activities in connection with traditional cultures of nations.

The founders of the Civic Association Cultum stood for several years in projects for children and young people, educated at their own expense, helped in cooperation with other civic associations in the implementation of festivals, music and educational activities – e.g. New Inspirations Prešov, Voicingers on tour Slovakia, Mini Jazznica – all were also realized in cooperation with the FPU (Art Support Fund –  Fond na podporu umenia). The long-term work of Cultum members is a project for the education of children – Muzikula, implemented in 8 years in various places in Slovakia, enjoys great popularity and support not only from children and parents, but also educational institutions.